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Soldiers, Eggs and the ATC: The unsung heroes….

 Hello again everyone.  It’s been a while since I posted, but it’s honestly been a bit crazy around here.  Sickness, lots of deadlines and just a really busy schedule makes it hard to post like I really want to….so I’m squeezing in this post this morning because it’s such a great topic! What topic is … Continue reading »

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Hustle Baby, Hustle!!! The Big Bomb Gone!

Yeah, it’s a wacky title, but considering today’s subject, it seemed appropriate! What I’m talking about is this: (1) One of the fastest bombers in the United States Air Force inventory, the B-58 Hustler was truly a remarkable aircraft and a break away from the lumbering B-36 and B-52. Capable of Mach 1+ flight, the … Continue reading »

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