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The Middle Eastern Crisis: Action, Inaction and Fallout!

With the failure of diplomacy, the western nations of Britain, France and Israel moved quickly on the issue of the Suez Canal.  Israel moved its forces quickly into Egypt, while in Europe, both Britain and France geared up for the coming conflict and moved warships, troops and aircraft into striking positions. (1) Raiding equipment stores … Continue reading »

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The ENORMOZ VENONA Intercepts, Secret Agents, and the “peacefully atomic” postwar years.

(1) It’s easy to look back at the fifties and see a time of big-finned cars, teenagers, and that “evil” Elvis Presley. It’s also quite fashionable to satirize and poke fun at the tone of McCarthyism and Communist spy hysteria that swept the country during those years.   However, no matter how we feel today, … Continue reading »

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The Secret Shipments of Hula-Two, ASLIB and the Unknown Lend-Lease!

I originally started this morning’s post on the SeaBees, but ran across some information that until now was unknown by me….and I’m thinking a lot of other people as well. (1) In the example above, we see foodstuffs being prepared for shipment to the Soviet Union under the program of “Lend-Lease”. America served as the … Continue reading »

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The Decline, the Crash, and Working from the Bottom Up! 1930–Refocused!

Here in the United States, the economic mood is quite gloomy. The media is all awash with cautionary tales of woe and gloom and doom. I even hesitate to look at the newspaper anymore. All of which started me thinking about the Depression in the 1930’s. What was their outlook? What was on everyone’s mind. … Continue reading »

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