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“We Build, We Fight, We Party All Night” The US Navy Seabees!

With a title like that, today’s blog post is a great one! Focusing on the Seabeas, or the United States Navy Construction Battalions, these units have origins back to the beginning of America and to the present day. These units perform lifting and constructing needed by the navy. Runways, port facilities, building and other construction … Continue reading »

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Astronauts, Tuffy and Sabotage: A Brief Glimpse of the Project Known as Sealab!

Unfortunately, it seems the sixties are remembered mostly for the big movements in history, including Vietnam, Woodstock, Baby Boomers, and the Apollo Space Program.  However, during these years, a lot was going on that have seemingly been forgotten today.  One of these is the Sealab series of experiments, conducted by the United States Navy. (1) … Continue reading »

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Boomers, Bubbleheads and the Frozen Ice Above!

I was reading the New York Times this morning and they had an article about the Cold War and the delicate dance between the Soviet Union and the United States submarine forces off the icy, Artic waters of the Soviet Union. The story, based on the book about the QueenFish entitled “Unknown Waters”, tells of … Continue reading »

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