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Moving From Hickam: Operation Blue Light and The Tropic Lightning Division

I’ve always been fascinated with military transport.  I don’t know why, but having the ability to move large amounts of soldiers, equipment and related "gear" is fascinating if you stop and think about all the requirements.  It’s also awe-inspiring if you’ve ever seen a  whole division or more roll past you on the desert floor! … Continue reading »

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Droptime! Swarmer, The Amazing 187th and the Flying Boxcar!

What a crazy weekend it was! I apologize for the slow posting, but some weekends are just busier than others! I was planning on doing the update Sat. night…and then Sun. night, but it’s ending up Monday’s post! Yikes!!!! Thank you for still stopping by! Hope your weekend went well also! Anyway, on to the … Continue reading »

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