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The Middle East Crisis, Part II: An Election, An Uprising and the Flight of the CIA U-2.

As outlined in Part One of our series on the Middle Eastern Crisis of 1956, the assumption of many today is the nostalgia of the past, especially of the 1950’s as a tranquil peaceful time of rock-n-roll, good times and the rise of suburbia.However, the truth is quite different.When we last left the stage, the … Continue reading »

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The Middle East Crisis, Part I: 1956 and Origins of the Conflict

(1) With today’s continued upheavals in the Middle East, oil shocks and wars, it’s easy look back at the tranquility and quaintness of the 1950’s and wish we were back there once again.  We had Elvis, Rock-n-Roll, and Suburbia!  Life after World War II was good and life was easy. Really?  Is that our vision … Continue reading »

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