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Wrap Up! Where are We Going…and Where have We Been?

(1) Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers, We’ve talked about the Great Depression now for a few posts.  We’ve seen some causes, some effects, as well as some personal information from people much like you and me. So what does this mean?  Does it mean anything?  What’s been our purpose? Well, I’m no professional historian, but … Continue reading »

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No whiskey, no tires, no gas, but spies, lotsa spies! Here we go again!

I can’t help but get a chuckle sometimes when folks today complain about the regulation of the government on our daily lives. Granted, they do have a point, but from my perspective, compared to daily life during the World War II, it’s nothing…… Imagine everyone today having ration cards, no cars being produced, few, if … Continue reading »

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