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Diversion….City, The Road and a Trip.

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers! As you know we are in the midst of doing a series on the Great Depression: analyzing links, resources, and generally becoming familiar with some aspects of that history that may have been forgotten.  While that is a good thing, it can be a bit of a downer as well. … Continue reading »

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Abbott, Costello, Fibber, Philco and Sinatra: Do You Do Old Time Radio?

I almost didn’t post this planned topic today, what with the NSA stuff over on TEMPEST that Wired has (found out via /.)…I really wanted to do a post on that, considering my previous stuff with the ENORMOZ VENONA escapade as well as the No Whiskey, No Tires, No Gas posts….but OTR won out. (1) … Continue reading »

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The Show Isn’t Live! Der Bingle, Ampex, and the Third Reich!

I was listening to some OTR today, one of the Bing Crosby shows, I believe it was the Kraft Music Hall, and suddenly started thinking about radio in general and how it went from being live to being taped. Did you know Bing Crosby was instrumental in this technology? (1) While most folks know of … Continue reading »

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