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The War is ON!

Hello everyone! It’s been a crazy month for me with many family duties to attend to, so I apologize for not posting up very many new topics on our Korean War series.  However, in doing research lately, I would want to share with you some neat things I just found out on the Google Book … Continue reading »

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1959 Resources: Baseball, Science and the ever popular Personal Finance!

  It’s easy to write a blog post about a certain year when we only look at political and big name events.  However, history is about all things, not just the ones easily remembered… With this in mind, I’ve been researching the Mercury astronauts as well as a ton of other great topics….so many in … Continue reading »

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Amelia Earhart, Google Books and the coming research Revolution!

There’s a revolution coming–and it doesn’t involve weapons! What I’m talking about is the revolution in information, and in particular libraries.  I know many have talked about this, and about how the Internet has been a game changer, but until just a few months ago, I don’t think it was necessarily the case. Throw that … Continue reading »

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