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Theresienstadt: A False Hope…

Having very recently gone back and listened to the Audible version of both Winds of War as well as War and Remembrance, I was struck yet again by the scale of the Holocaust, but yet this time, it was the personal views as shown by Wouk in the Jastrow characters that really struck home–the dashed … Continue reading »

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Eagles All!

In the dark days of 1939 and 1940, while America grappled with the internal division of the isolationists vs. those who knew that war was fast approaching, there was a group of young pilots itching to get into the fight! ¬†Knowing that fighting for the Allies before the entry of America into the war was … Continue reading »

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Training, Treasure, and a Step Forward: Freeman Army Air Field

I always love finding out stuff, particularly history stuff, so I was doubly-amazed when I ran across a massive amount of information on a faded, historical airfield in Indiana called Freeman Army Air Field. With a secret stash of Nazi planes, training facilities and taking part in breaking down the segregration of the armed services, … Continue reading »

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