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Going, going, not quite gone! The BEST of Adventures In History!

    As I’ve had a chance to start updating the blog again, I realize there’s probably quite a few of you who may not be aware that I’ve been doing this for some time and there’s a lot of good posts you may have missed!  To help you out, I’ve outlined some of my … Continue reading »

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3…2….1…Ignition…..Sputnik, Flopnik and the Great Space Race!

If you’ve had a chance to check out our new image of the month, then you might already be aware of the space race in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  The facts remain that this was an uneasy time for the United States and her citizens.  Our uneasy World War II alliance with the … Continue reading »

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USS Macon & USS Akron: Floating Away?

Just  wanted to share with you our image update of the month.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to update this, so make sure you take a few moments to flip over to the page and take a look.  We have a great image of the USS Macon as well as some … Continue reading »

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Counting Down….5-4-3-2-1….

As we come to a close of our series of blog posts on the years 1958 and 1959, we’ve only really begun to scratch the surface of what is available.  There are so many good stories that remain to be re-discovered.  Today, we talk space and the group of people known as the Mercury 7.  … Continue reading »

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“…he said, ‘It looks a little less screwball now.'”

Hi all, I aplogize for the posting delay of new topics for our series on 1958 and 1959. This spring has been busy for both my immediately family and extended family, so I appreciate your patience! Today we are moving on to 1959 and more importantly: The Mercury 7! While I’m doing more research on … Continue reading »

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Missiles, Space and the Rock-N-Roll Era: Let’s talk about 1958 and 1959!

With today’s continuing bad economic news, it’s easy to look back through American history and experience a hint of nostalgia, especially looking at the Fifties and early Sixties.  Yet, it would be a mistake to think of those decades as a placid, rock-n-roll good time era, Elvis Presley and American Grafitti aside.  The actual facts … Continue reading »

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V-2’s, General Electric and Project Thumper: It’s the Defense!

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers! Please forgive the lack of postings this week.  I’v had some sort of wierd illness….maybe it’s my cooking!  🙂 Anyway, I was doing research the other day and came across an interesting little project called: Project Thumper! Let’s get started! While most American boys and girls in the pre-World War … Continue reading »

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Pass The Hammer Joe, Willya?

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers! Just wanted to let you know that this week, I’ll be working on the blog, adding some content, new pages, etc.  I’ll also be working on the new blog over at blogger–>http://returningtothepast.blogspot.com/. I’ll also be adding some new puzzles to the puzzle pages and in general trying to tidy things … Continue reading »

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Ham in Space, or Is that Chimp in my Chair?

I took the kids to see Space Chimps today and it was a great movie, both for the kids as well as myself.  However, being the history addict that I am, I immediately came home and started doing a little research on the use of chimpanzees in the space program in the latter part of … Continue reading »

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