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World War Huh? The Disappearance of the Great War…

While it’s been highly publicized lately about the passing on of the “Greatest Generation”, I find it seemingly ironic that the almost virtual disappearance (and knowledge?) of the generation coming from the “War to End All Wars” has not been seen and commented on as equally.  Perhaps it’s my own lack of knowledge, but it … Continue reading »

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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

  Spent some time recently working on a freelance article about Hollywood and I ran across a site that I hadn’t visited in a long time:  The LOC Motion Picture & Television Reading Room.   If you’ve never had a chance to visit the site, you really should!  You can easily find it online at … Continue reading »

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Have You Tried OWI?

Back after a brief hiatus, I was doing some research tonight at the LOC Prints & Photographs Reading Room and I’m constantly amazed at the amounts of photographs coming online.  As seen in the example above, there are just thousands upon thousands of photographs that are useful in researching early 20th Century history.  Let’s say … Continue reading »

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Get In The Pool!

Hello everyone, Well it’s deadline week here at my business, so I probably will not be publishing much, however, I wanted to share with you a link that you may or may not be aware of! The LOC (Library of Congress) has a great Flickr stream with absolutely tons of great historical photos. Here’s an … Continue reading »

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About My Header Image…..

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers! As you well know, I’m using WordPress software on my blog.  Tonight I’ve been working on the blog and thought it would be nice to change the header image.  I’m now using some of the great photos offered by the LOC on Flickr. If you like the header image I … Continue reading »

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