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A Little Thing Called LIFE…..

Any historian or even someone just interested in history will tell you that primary sources are always better than second hand accounts.  Without the filter (and bias) of a second author to go through, the primary documents (news accounts, personal stories, memorabilia) can help you tell what history really was like. With that in mind, … Continue reading »

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Amelia Earhart, Google Books and the coming research Revolution!

There’s a revolution coming–and it doesn’t involve weapons! What I’m talking about is the revolution in information, and in particular libraries.  I know many have talked about this, and about how the Internet has been a game changer, but until just a few months ago, I don’t think it was necessarily the case. Throw that … Continue reading »

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LIFE Again! Google, LIFE and the Lost Archives!

(Source: NARA) In the letter above, we see a discussion between the Kennedy family about LIFE magazine. So what?  It’s just a magazine, right? This is just a simple letter, isn’t it? Wrong!  Symbolizing the importance LIFE magazine has become to American history and the nation, the news announcement in the last day or two … Continue reading »

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