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Ready for Take Off! Did You See That CAR!!!!

  (1) I was reading the New York Times today and came across an article talking about the history of fins on the American car in the late 1950’s.  You can find that article here:  Tailfins at Their High Point. While I’m trying not to get to swallowed up by nostalgia, I have to admit … Continue reading »

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The Watcher, the Launch and the Horsecollar Grill: 1958 Walk-thru

Hello again everyone! While spring is rapidly coming to Central Ohio, our series on 1958 continues forward. Today we will open our series with a variety of topics, from Sputnik to Von Braun and the Edsel. First however, I want to introduce you to a new media object for the blog. I will start to … Continue reading »

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