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We’re Back! WordPress 3.0 Update and the Blog—plus a few stories!

Hello everyone! Well, that latest WordPress 3.0 update just about took us out!  I’ve finally gotten the blog rebuilt.  There may be a few rough edges here and there, but I think most everything is back in place!  Thank you for sticking with us over the last month or so…I appreciate it! If you are … Continue reading »

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Beyond the Barrier: Yeager, the war and getting home…

(1) Recognize the pilot? Chuck Yeager’s air exploits are the stuff I dreamed about growing up.  Although I never flew, dreams of sitting in the pilot seat of the Glamorous Glennis were never far from my mind.  Maybe it was the speed or maybe the adventure…of pushing to the limits of both plane and pilot. … Continue reading »

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