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Exhausted? The Strange Sage of Chrysler’s Turbine Cars….

Automotive history has always been a fascinating part of American history to me. Maybe it’s because my dad was a mechanic and I’ve always been around automobiles most of my life, but whatever the cause, I’ve just finished reading a great book: Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation.   It’s … Continue reading »

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Ready for Take Off! Did You See That CAR!!!!

  (1) I was reading the New York Times today and came across an article talking about the history of fins on the American car in the late 1950’s.  You can find that article here:  Tailfins at Their High Point. While I’m trying not to get to swallowed up by nostalgia, I have to admit … Continue reading »

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It’s a Gas! Got $$$$$$$$$???? Here we go again….

(NOTE: Missed post yesterday…yikes…sorry…will try to do better.) (Note to self: Do not sleep!) On to the article…… I was getting gas yesterday and noticed that once again the price is going up. Now whether this is due to demand or simple speculation is beyond me. All my sources seem to indicate that there is … Continue reading »

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