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Better Late Than Never…..

(Source: LOC, Prints & Photographs Division) Hi folks, I blew it…completely crashed it!  What I’m saying is that I missed my post yesterday, for Veterans Day!  So to all my fellow veterans, I completely apologize…and hat’s off to you guys and gals that sacrificed for our country…and for those who didn’t make it back. Established … Continue reading »

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V-2’s, General Electric and Project Thumper: It’s the Defense!

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers! Please forgive the lack of postings this week.  I’v had some sort of wierd illness….maybe it’s my cooking!  🙂 Anyway, I was doing research the other day and came across an interesting little project called: Project Thumper! Let’s get started! While most American boys and girls in the pre-World War … Continue reading »

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It’s a Command Performance!

Besides keeping the troops in beans and bullets during World War II, the government realized that entertainment would go a long way in improving morale. Helping to fit these needs, Command Performance offered a great opportunity both for the entertainment of the troops as well as for the Hollywood stars to get a “captive” audience. … Continue reading »

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