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World War Huh? The Disappearance of the Great War…

While it’s been highly publicized lately about the passing on of the “Greatest Generation”, I find it seemingly ironic that the almost virtual disappearance (and knowledge?) of the generation coming from the “War to End All Wars” has not been seen and commented on as equally.  Perhaps it’s my own lack of knowledge, but it … Continue reading »

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Digest Anyone?

As an amateur historian, it’s easy to get into the trap of using “established” resouces in which to do our research.  Scholarly papers, donated collections, first-person interviews, these are all the first things we all think of.  However, this morning, I thought it would be a great time to discuss one of my favorite resources:  The Reader’s … Continue reading »

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A Man To Remember: Walter Lord

  (Source: LOC Chronicling America) While many of us are quite familiar with the tale of the “unsinkable” Titanic, you might not be as aware of some of the historians who have helped over the years to make that story more accessible and more understandable.  Sometimes it’s the historians which go quietly into the unknown.  One of … Continue reading »

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Well, it’s after Christmas and amid the crowds of shoppers looking for deals and returning unwanted gifts, a large portion of the country has been zapped with massive amounts of snow.  Being stuck in the middle of all of this, I thought it would be a great post to investigate how previous Americans dealt with … Continue reading »

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It’s All About PEOPLE

  Hi everyone! Well another cold, wet fall day.  Kids are sick, so thought I would post up to the blog this am.  In particular, I wanted to talk about PEOPLE.  You know, the magazine?    (1)  While many historians might dismiss the value of the magazine, from a everyday historical perspective we can gain … Continue reading »

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Into The Darkness?

Hello Dear Readers and Subcribers! I’m still digesting the fact of the major bailout bill not passing in Congress today.  From what I can tell, either through the major news outlets or media sources, this is not a good thing.  Tensions are mounting, tempers are frayed and it looks like we are headed into the … Continue reading »

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Miami Beach! The Story of Carl Fisher, Kotaro Suto and “Fun In The Sun!”

Hello and hope your Friday is going well! I apologize for not posting up yet again yesterday, but around here it’s the last week of school and there has been a lot planned! The start of summer makes for a busy schedule! ———————————————– The more research I do in history, the more I come across … Continue reading »

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Postage, Planes, and Landing in the Dark!

I stopped by the post office the other day to mail some bills and noticed the postage going up yet again.  However, this is one fee I really don’t mind paying.  If you stop think about it, the few cents that we pay for stamps, enables us to drop a letter in the mail and … Continue reading »

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What? I gotta have a stamp to buy that steak?

Evidently, food rationing is back! I heard on the radio about the Costco move to limit rice purchases in the last fee weeks. Heard about that? See Here for more details. Anyway, so it got me thinking about food rationing in World War II. The concept of stamps and points for food and other purchases … Continue reading »

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STOP Just a small slip of paper STOP fading into the past STOP

This one actually happened before I started blogging.  I thought about it this morning and knew it would be a great topic to talk about.  Can  you guess what it is?  Here are some hints: (1) Ok, one more: (2) Yes, you got it: Western Union! Once a prime method of communicating long distances in … Continue reading »

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