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Claude Grahame-White! A man, a plane, and flight!

(1) What is it about early aviation that seems so romantic?  Is it boarding a seaplane like in the picture above, our destination unknown, watching the sun fall into a haze of red and gold as we fly into the air?  Did people approach life differently back then?  Was flight itself different? While it’s impossible … Continue reading »

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The Gee Bee, B-25’s, and the Medal of Honor: Spotlight on James “Jimmy” Doolittle

(1) With his contributions in both aeronautics as well as American history, James “Jimmy” Doolittle was great figure in American history. In doing research for this post today, I found out he was boxer (ever notice how many figures in American history have boxing experience?), test pilot, general, and even consulted on space matters! While … Continue reading »

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