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Better Late Than Never…..

(Source: LOC, Prints & Photographs Division) Hi folks, I blew it…completely crashed it!  What I’m saying is that I missed my post yesterday, for Veterans Day!  So to all my fellow veterans, I completely apologize…and hat’s off to you guys and gals that sacrificed for our country…and for those who didn’t make it back. Established … Continue reading »

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Flyin’ Low! CAS in the Korean War.

(1) “…During the fighting the adrenalin really flowed, and we did what we had to do.  We’d hit them hard during the daylight hours, then dig in when the sun set and hope that during the night the enemy would not be strong enough to dislodge us during his counterattack…” I was on the Google … Continue reading »

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Hustle Baby, Hustle!!! The Big Bomb Gone!

Yeah, it’s a wacky title, but considering today’s subject, it seemed appropriate! What I’m talking about is this: (1) One of the fastest bombers in the United States Air Force inventory, the B-58 Hustler was truly a remarkable aircraft and a break away from the lumbering B-36 and B-52. Capable of Mach 1+ flight, the … Continue reading »

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