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The Watcher, the Launch and the Horsecollar Grill: 1958 Walk-thru

Hello again everyone! While spring is rapidly coming to Central Ohio, our series on 1958 continues forward. Today we will open our series with a variety of topics, from Sputnik to Von Braun and the Edsel. First however, I want to introduce you to a new media object for the blog. I will start to … Continue reading »

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Missiles, Space and the Rock-N-Roll Era: Let’s talk about 1958 and 1959!

With today’s continuing bad economic news, it’s easy to look back through American history and experience a hint of nostalgia, especially looking at the Fifties and early Sixties.  Yet, it would be a mistake to think of those decades as a placid, rock-n-roll good time era, Elvis Presley and American Grafitti aside.  The actual facts … Continue reading »

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