Movie of the Month!

“Where The Sun Reigns”

Ahhhh…it’s already July and all over the United States, families are on the move, vacationing in a myriad of places!  From out West to East, North and South, vacation spots are filling up fast.  In this same spirit, this month’s movie is focusing in on some vintage Florida/Miami footage courtesy the Internet Archive.  Although only in black and white, this quick promo movie takes us on a short airborne tour of the Miami area in the mid 1950’s.

Beyond just the movie however, I’ve assembled some links below to Florida historical resources in general as well as a few old posts from the blog.  So kick back, grab a cold drink and enjoy the movie!

Here are some links to more information:

Florida Memory Project

Gorillas Don’t Blog (Vintage Disneyworld, other parks)

Miami Beach, Carl Fisher and Kotaro Suto


Now, here’s the show: