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Frozen in Time: The Detroit Arctic Expedition!

From the modern viewpoint of today, the 1920’s are ancient history, written off and neatly pidgeonholed into a time between the wars and populated by the Mafia, the Great Depression and the Jazz Age. Yet, nothing could be farther from the truth.  It was a time of growth, of learning, of dismissing the last of … Continue reading »

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Shopping Can Be Fun!

Well, we finally have it! Our new movie-of-the-month! This month, we’re taking a trip back to 1957 and going to the mall! This time, we’ve found a great movie entitled “Shopping can be Fun.” It’s great look back at the classic post-war American shopping mall.  The Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo CA is a … Continue reading »

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Let’s Go Flying!

Hi all! We had a real good visit to the WPAFB the other day and I actually got to tour a part of the museum that I had never seen before:  The presidential aircraft section. Currently, it’s pretty tough to get admittance to this particular part of the museum as it’s located in a secure … Continue reading »

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Fizrin, Hot Rods, and Erma Bombeck?

As we forge ahead on our profile of the years 1958 and 1959, it’s too easy to concentrate on the “big” issues such as space and politics.  However, like most Americans, our predecessors in the Fifties were busy living life, having kids and worrying about their jobs. In today’s post, the consumer lives as we … Continue reading »

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Down In the Dirt!

Well, hello again and gosh it’s been a busy year to start.  My quantity of postings have been down a bit here on the blog.  Not because I don’t want to post, but never enough time.  I’ve got a blog-busting number of things to post up here, so I appreciate your patience! Thank you for … Continue reading »

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Escape! Raney, O’Brien and the Race to Freedom!

  Do you remember the Band of Brothers series that was on HBO a few years ago?  Widely acclaimed, it was about an airborne unit in Normandy during World War II.  It was fantastically popular!  However, when is the last time you saw or heard anything about World War I in the same light?  This … Continue reading »

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Mud, Blood and Ambulances!

Ever since I’ve studied great literary figures of the 20th century such as Hemingway, Dos Passos and others, I’ve kept coming across the fact that they served as ambulance drivers in the First World War.  This service seemed to have affected both their outlook as well as their future literary writings. (1) From my research, … Continue reading »

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Slipping Away: Tales of the Great War!

Well, it’s a New Year everyone, so welcome to 2009!  I hope your holiday season went well no matter which holiday you celebrate.  Here at Adventures In History, while the posting has somewhat slowed down due to my outside commitments, I still have lots of subjects to talk about in the upcoming year.  If you … Continue reading »

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Claude Grahame-White! A man, a plane, and flight!

(1) What is it about early aviation that seems so romantic?  Is it boarding a seaplane like in the picture above, our destination unknown, watching the sun fall into a haze of red and gold as we fly into the air?  Did people approach life differently back then?  Was flight itself different? While it’s impossible … Continue reading »

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Follies, Fad and Cash: The Pre-Depression Years

Hello everyone! Wow!  What a week huh?  From an outsider perspective, the stock market’s roller-coaster ride of debt, bail-outs and general upheaval has been quite interesting….that is if I don’t think about my poor retirement funds, which I’m sure are a lot less than the weeks preceding! I sort of wonder if this is a … Continue reading »

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