A Preponderance of Resources!

Too.  Much.  Stuff!   As a amateur historian and freelance writer (try my book or visit Internet Genealogy for details) I’m faced with a unique conundrum.  With today’s digital environment and resources…there’s almost too much stuff to wade through! While I never thought I would be saying this, the facts are that for anyone doing … Continue reading »

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Read ‘em if you got ‘em!

Hello everyone! Anybody interested in history has probably got a ton of books stashed somewhere in their house, apartment, car or wherever.  I know I do! But eBooks and digitized books are poised to transform the way we read and gather historical information.  Now, this is not a library blog, so I won’t go into … Continue reading »

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Amelia Earhart, Google Books and the coming research Revolution!

There’s a revolution coming–and it doesn’t involve weapons! What I’m talking about is the revolution in information, and in particular libraries.  I know many have talked about this, and about how the Internet has been a game changer, but until just a few months ago, I don’t think it was necessarily the case. Throw that … Continue reading »

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