Korean War

The War is ON!

Hello everyone! It’s been a crazy month for me with many family duties to attend to, so I apologize for not posting up very many new topics on our Korean War series.  However, in doing research lately, I would want to share with you some neat things I just found out on the Google Book … Continue reading »

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Acting Up…Again!

  Hello everyone, including our new subscribers!  Life, as usual, has been crazy lately and I have not been able to post up as I should…please forgive me!  We had a reader enjoy our last post on presidential planes, especially the Connie shots (link to that post is here), and forwarded to me links to … Continue reading »

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Flyin’ Low! CAS in the Korean War.

(1) “…During the fighting the adrenalin really flowed, and we did what we had to do.  We’d hit them hard during the daylight hours, then dig in when the sun set and hope that during the night the enemy would not be strong enough to dislodge us during his counterattack…” I was on the Google … Continue reading »

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Blasted! Indy’s Atomic Adventures Exposed!

Well, our family went to see the newest Indiana Jones film this last weekend and personally, I thought it was great! Yeah, Indy looked a little old, but it didn’t seem to take anything away from the picture. Now, I’m no film critic and this post isn’t about the film, BUT I was intrigued by … Continue reading »

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“We Build, We Fight, We Party All Night” The US Navy Seabees!

With a title like that, today’s blog post is a great one! Focusing on the Seabeas, or the United States Navy Construction Battalions, these units have origins back to the beginning of America and to the present day. These units perform lifting and constructing needed by the navy. Runways, port facilities, building and other construction … Continue reading »

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Droptime! Swarmer, The Amazing 187th and the Flying Boxcar!

What a crazy weekend it was! I apologize for the slow posting, but some weekends are just busier than others! I was planning on doing the update Sat. night…and then Sun. night, but it’s ending up Monday’s post! Yikes!!!! Thank you for still stopping by! Hope your weekend went well also! Anyway, on to the … Continue reading »

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