Red Cross, KLIM and Waiting To Go Home

(1) War is never easy, especially for those living and dying on the edge of action.  Not knowing whether today will be your last day or not changes how you feel about things.  Even if you don’t die, there’s always the risk of being captured by your enemy whoever that may be and whichever side … Continue reading »

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Big Boom! A Desperate Race for Intelligence!

(1) Putting conspiracy aside for just a moment, the facts remain that post-World War II, the United States found itself in a desperate race with the Soviet Union on many fronts. One of the most important was atomic weapons. Each of the players struggled to stay on top, with new technologies and strategies to keep … Continue reading »

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Lots To Do, But Updates Are Posted!

Hello Dear Readers! Well, I hope you’re enjoying the blog changes here at Adventures in History!  It’s been good, but extremely busy as I’ve been sorta swamped lately with outside work, and my blogging posts have not been updated as quickly as I would have hoped!  However, I’ve just updated the puzzles page with a … Continue reading »

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The Dashing Hero You Never Knew….

  (1) I was doing some research early this morning and found the above copy of the Field Artillery Journal online.  Since I’m always fascinated by things from the World War II era, I decided to download the PDF and take a look. It was great, especially when I found this article:   (2) Dunkirk! … Continue reading »

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Echoes of the Crowd: Glen Echo Park!

  While the kids have gone back to school and our family is gearing up for the fall schedule, I wanted to mention that we visited King’s Island a few weeks ago.  Everyone had a great time and even got to see the new rides, etc.  However, I’m struck by how many rides have changed … Continue reading »

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Bonded: The Debt, The War and YOU!

  I was reading the recent article in the Times about Buffett warning on the deficit, and it made me think back to the Old Time radio broadcast I was listening to the other day.  Produced by the Treasury Department, it was broadcast to help drive war loan and bond sales, one of the primary … Continue reading »

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World War, Living Overseas and the G.I. Jive…

(1) For a lonely GI, serving overseas during World War II ripped them away from home, hearth, and their favorite girl.  Considering many of them were either teenagers or just a few years past, it was tough.  War is never pleasant, no matter where you serve. One of the best ways to feel a little … Continue reading »

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Let’s Go Flying!

Hi all! We had a real good visit to the WPAFB the other day and I actually got to tour a part of the museum that I had never seen before:  The presidential aircraft section. Currently, it’s pretty tough to get admittance to this particular part of the museum as it’s located in a secure … Continue reading »

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Tante Ju! The extraordinary Iron Annie!

(1) Known by various nicknames, including Iron Annie and “Tante Ju” (Auntie Ju), the Junkers Ju-52 as pictured above was THE German air transport workhorse during World War II. With over 4,500 produced, this noteworthy aircraft served Germany France and even Spain in both military and civilian roles. With a capacity of 18 troops and … Continue reading »

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Get In The Pool!

Hello everyone, Well it’s deadline week here at my business, so I probably will not be publishing much, however, I wanted to share with you a link that you may or may not be aware of! The LOC (Library of Congress) has a great Flickr stream with absolutely tons of great historical photos. Here’s an … Continue reading »

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