Happy Belated Birthday, United States Navy!

Yesterday, it turns out, was the birthday of the United States Navy!  I had been doing some research over at the Navy History & Heritage Command website and found that out. (1) Go Navy! (Even though I’m an Army guy, it’s still good to wish a happy birthday!) In honor of this special day, I … Continue reading »

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The Lusitania: Secrets of the Deep Back From the Dead!

(Source: LOC Prints & Photographs Division) Newsflash!!!! Ammunition found in the Lusitania’s holds!  More to come ASAP!

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You Want Paper or Plastic?

I was standing in line at the grocery store today and started thinking back to when I worked as a “bagger” in a similar place as a teenager.  As I checked out and headed for the car, I started thinking more about the whole concept of grocery stores.  Where the heck did they come from?  … Continue reading »

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Wrap Up! Where are We Going…and Where have We Been?

(1) Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers, We’ve talked about the Great Depression now for a few posts.  We’ve seen some causes, some effects, as well as some personal information from people much like you and me. So what does this mean?  Does it mean anything?  What’s been our purpose? Well, I’m no professional historian, but … Continue reading »

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Stability, Hold The Course!

Hello everyone! (Bank Runs!) (Source: Nara, keyword=depression) Just a note to let you know the podcast is up for last week.  I’ve got details on the Great Depression as well as the historical significance of the 1920’s in the build-up to the Depression.  You can either listen below or subscribe to the right with your … Continue reading »

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Follies, Fad and Cash: The Pre-Depression Years

Hello everyone! Wow!  What a week huh?  From an outsider perspective, the stock market’s roller-coaster ride of debt, bail-outs and general upheaval has been quite interesting….that is if I don’t think about my poor retirement funds, which I’m sure are a lot less than the weeks preceding! I sort of wonder if this is a … Continue reading »

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Do you remember this one?

Hello Dear Readers, It’s promising to be a busy weekend and I’m slated to do some training, so I thought you would enjoy revisiting some of my earlier stories.  I’ve three good ones below involving the Depression, Capone and the World’s Fair. Stay tuned for new posts later this weekend or Monday! ******** The Depression … Continue reading »

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Dino, Oil and High Test! Who is Sinclair?

With over 2,000 stations and established in 20+ states, Sinclair Oil is a major part of the American economy today.  Established in the early part of the century, this company rode the wave of American companies capitalizing on the birth of the “Petroleum Age”. Led by Harry F. Sinclair, the company was formed from a … Continue reading »

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Dinner Key, A Flying Boat and the Mail: Pan Am!

I keep reading about aviation, especially commercial aviation and quite frankly, it’s depressing to me.  All I hear about is lines, costs of fuel and how dismal it is in general.  You know maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I do know that the romance of flying seems to have gone the way of leaded … Continue reading »

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Whats Old Is New Again!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I will not be posting new stories until the middle of next week.  The family schedule is just too busy. However, I wanted to leave you with something, so I thought it would be cool to revisit some of my stories from earlier in the year.  … Continue reading »

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