The Lusitania, Christmas and I’m back!

Dear Readers, Thanks for being patient with me over this Christmas holiday.  My posting, quite frankly, has been pretty slow and I thank you for staying with me!  For some reason the holidays this year just make a train wreck of my schedule. (1) Anyway….back to the Lusitania! ******** The upshot here is that basically … Continue reading »

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The Lusitania: Secrets of the Deep Back From the Dead!

(Source: LOC Prints & Photographs Division) Newsflash!!!! Ammunition found in the Lusitania’s holds!  More to come ASAP!

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You Want Paper or Plastic?

I was standing in line at the grocery store today and started thinking back to when I worked as a “bagger” in a similar place as a teenager.  As I checked out and headed for the car, I started thinking more about the whole concept of grocery stores.  Where the heck did they come from?  … Continue reading »

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Claude Grahame-White! A man, a plane, and flight!

(1) What is it about early aviation that seems so romantic?  Is it boarding a seaplane like in the picture above, our destination unknown, watching the sun fall into a haze of red and gold as we fly into the air?  Did people approach life differently back then?  Was flight itself different? While it’s impossible … Continue reading »

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Hoggin’ It! Schwab, The Great War, and the Hog Island Fleet!

(1) “….Over There, Over There Send the word, send the word, Over There That the Yanks are coming, The Yanks are coming….” (Source Link-Wikipedia) The United States entry into the “War To End All Wars” was eye-opening for everyone involved…especially American industry, just finding out for the first time the appetite for destruction modern war … Continue reading »

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“The Big Red One” Now on Sale at Sears!

I was cruising around the ‘net yesterday and found an interesting story on Forbes about the First Infantry Division.  It seems the Army has licensed the use of the insignia and related items for a clothing line to appear at Sears.  Not without controversy, some veteran’s organizations and others are shocked at the deal.  Right … Continue reading »

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Dino, Oil and High Test! Who is Sinclair?

With over 2,000 stations and established in 20+ states, Sinclair Oil is a major part of the American economy today.  Established in the early part of the century, this company rode the wave of American companies capitalizing on the birth of the “Petroleum Age”. Led by Harry F. Sinclair, the company was formed from a … Continue reading »

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Blown! The Bridge, The Spy, and “The War To End All Wars”

Well, I’m back.  This summer is shaping up to be a busy one, probably your summer is also.  It seems there is never enough time to finish all that needs to be done and my poor blog is suffering.  Thank you dear reader for hanging in there and continuing to stop by.  I have so … Continue reading »

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Whats Old Is New Again!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I will not be posting new stories until the middle of next week.  The family schedule is just too busy. However, I wanted to leave you with something, so I thought it would be cool to revisit some of my stories from earlier in the year.  … Continue reading »

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Go West With Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Shows!

Hello everyone! Well, I’ve been at camp, so I haven’t been able to post too regularly this week, but ran across a facinating topic on Buffalo Bill tonight and thought you might be interested. (1) Like that picture?  When someone says “The West”, that is what I picture in my mind.  William Frederick Cody, aka: … Continue reading »

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