Posters, Stamps and a LOT more!

  Went to the post office today and found this sheet of stamps for sale.  I’ve been a long-time stamp collector, unofficially, and am a sucker for American history stamps.  I couldn’t help but grab them. If you’re into circus stuff, you can find more information about this particular set of stamps at a great USPS site located … Continue reading »

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Well, it’s after Christmas and amid the crowds of shoppers looking for deals and returning unwanted gifts, a large portion of the country has been zapped with massive amounts of snow.  Being stuck in the middle of all of this, I thought it would be a great post to investigate how previous Americans dealt with … Continue reading »

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History, Ohio, and the “City of Murals”

Can I call Ohio my new home state? With it’s roads and airspace being routinely crisscrossed by politicans of both parties in the last few weeks, Ohio is assuming once again national importance. I’m happy….but not for that reason. I’m happy, because, after 10+ years, I want to call Ohio my new home state…if you … Continue reading »

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Just a quick note from the Management! New, New, New!

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers! I will be putting up a regular post later today or early tonight, but I wanted to tell everyone that I am working on a new blog that will be on all types of history BEFORE 1900.  With this blog, I’ve tried to concentrate on history from around 1900 and … Continue reading »

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Go West With Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Shows!

Hello everyone! Well, I’ve been at camp, so I haven’t been able to post too regularly this week, but ran across a facinating topic on Buffalo Bill tonight and thought you might be interested. (1) Like that picture?  When someone says “The West”, that is what I picture in my mind.  William Frederick Cody, aka: … Continue reading »

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