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Posters, Stamps and a LOT more!

  Went to the post office today and found this sheet of stamps for sale.  I’ve been a long-time stamp collector, unofficially, and am a sucker for American history stamps.  I couldn’t help but grab them. If you’re into circus stuff, you can find more information about this particular set of stamps at a great USPS site located … Continue reading »

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New Stuff!

Hi everyone! Hope your 2014 has been going well so far?  It’s started out ok for me.  Busy, but that’s good, right? I’ve just posted up a new Book of the Month.  This one is entitled American Arsenal by OUP.  I was given the chance to review a hardback edition of this title and came … Continue reading »

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A Preponderance of Resources!

Too.  Much.  Stuff!   As a amateur historian and freelance writer (try my book or visit Internet Genealogy for details) I’m faced with a unique conundrum.  With today’s digital environment and resources…there’s almost too much stuff to wade through! While I never thought I would be saying this, the facts are that for anyone doing … Continue reading »

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Time sure does seem to fly by and I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog here at Adventures in History.  If you’re new to the site or perhaps just stumbled across it on the web somewhere, then welcome! Here at the site, I like to share with everyone tidbits, technology and … Continue reading »

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Hershey bar anyone?

Very recently my family and I had the opportunity to visit Hershey Pennsylvania and spend some time at the touring the Hershey factory and learning more about this famous American brand. While I had been here before, it’s always neat to see something you really like and the history behind it, the personalities, the hard … Continue reading »

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Vietnam: Air Rescue!

While popular images of the Vietnam conflict focus exclusively on combat, air strikes and popular discontent that was occurring in the United States during this time, I’d like to spin a different tale, one of heroics, rescue and a side of the U.S. armed services that you might not be as aware of.  My topic?  Non-combat operations … Continue reading »

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World War Huh? The Disappearance of the Great War…

While it’s been highly publicized lately about the passing on of the “Greatest Generation”, I find it seemingly ironic that the almost virtual disappearance (and knowledge?) of the generation coming from the “War to End All Wars” has not been seen and commented on as equally.  Perhaps it’s my own lack of knowledge, but it … Continue reading »

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Theresienstadt: A False Hope…

Having very recently gone back and listened to the Audible version of both Winds of War as well as War and Remembrance, I was struck yet again by the scale of the Holocaust, but yet this time, it was the personal views as shown by Wouk in the Jastrow characters that really struck home–the dashed … Continue reading »

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Updates On The Way!

Hi there everyone! Just a real quick not to let you know I’ve got a ton of updates to the blog…starting with the Movie of the Month!  Try the links above to get the new stuff and I’m hoping to get a new post up later today. I’ve also just updated the Image of the … Continue reading »

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Sketching the War….

   Too often our visions of war are only one-sided.  The terrors of combat, the death and destruction, the ungainly marching of the army across a vast moon-cratered battlefield. While the horrors of war are certainly true, and the effect of them equally as terrible on the men and women that must fight them, there’s … Continue reading »

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