Audio of the Month!


Hey That’s Bob Hope!

Here at Adventures in History, you’re seeing the first post on our newest page:  Audio of the Month!  Given the proliferation of great archival audio now coming online, I thought this would be a great new section to post up at the blog.

The first post now is going to be about that classic entertainer, Bob Hope.  Well known by many, what follows is a short audio broadcast that I found on tonight.  It’s a recording from WEAF from August 1944 and is Hope somewhere in the South Pacific.  Here you’ll find the classic monologue, Jerry Colonna and a host of other entertainers.

If it’s been a while since you’ve listened to some of Hope’s recordings from the World War II era, then this will be a real treat.  The audio is somewhat sketchy, especially as compared to today, but that doesn’t take anything away from the living history that this is.  Hit the link below to get the audio or you can get the show from at this link:  Source for the image above is the National Archives and is Hope entertaining the troops in Korea.