A Preponderance of Resources!

Posted by on December 26, 2013


Too.  Much.  Stuff!  

As a amateur historian and freelance writer (try my book or visit Internet Genealogy for details) I’m faced with a unique conundrum.  With today’s digital environment and resources…there’s almost too much stuff to wade through!

While I never thought I would be saying this, the facts are that for anyone doing research today, either historical or genealogical, wading through the many layers of resources can be challenging, both for the time it takes as well as quality of what is out there.

Solutions?  Not to my way of thinking.  If we go too far, there’s potential to exclude resources that can be useful to us.  If we don’t do enough, then there’s time wasted as we sift and resift through stacks and reams of information.


My bets are that you (and I) need to first really examine what it is we are after….and not be seduced by the ooh shiny stuff (in this case resources or data).  Figure out where you want to go….and THEN start digging.  Also don’t overlook the types of media that are now online.  If you’re looking for books on a particular subject, don’t go image searching.  If you’re looking for images, don’t head for the Internet Archive and start looking at old family movies (which are really neat BTW).

Maybe this is an age-old conundrum and it’s just me having the issues.  Who’s to say, right?  Nevertheless, try the above and see if this can help you next time you start digging through on a particular subject!

BTW, have you seen this link yet:  Media History Digital Library.

Have a great New Year and come back and see us!



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