Posted by on November 26, 2013

Time sure does seem to fly by and I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog here at Adventures in History.  If you’re new to the site or perhaps just stumbled across it on the web somewhere, then welcome!

Here at the site, I like to share with everyone tidbits, technology and pieces of history that have perhaps been forgotten or maybe just being heard about for the first time!

You can also check out other parts of the blog as well, including Image of the Month, Movie of the Month and more!  Right now, I’m in the middle of trying to redesign the site, so it may look a little odd.

Stay tuned for updates over this holiday season, and enjoy some of my previous posts, such as:

Tilt! Pinball, Fonzie and the Windy City…

The Dashing Hero You Never Knew….

Digest Anyone?

Again, thanks for stopping by and give me a few weeks to improve my content…..don’t forget to check the tag cloud out to the right, there’s links to all of my old posts.



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