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Posted by on May 22, 2012


 Too often our visions of war are only one-sided.  The terrors of combat, the death and destruction, the ungainly marching of the army across a vast moon-cratered battlefield.

While the horrors of war are certainly true, and the effect of them equally as terrible on the men and women that must fight them, there’s also another side to war, the human side, the side of “hurry up and wait” that those who have served know equally well.


This aspect, I feel, has been overlooked by many.  However, as noted in these photographs from the Library of Congress and the artist/architect of Victor Lundy, he brings the human aspect of war.  The boredom, the monotony and the waiting to go home.

We also get, dare I say it, a sense of adventure as noted in this quick pencil sketch of Normandy.


Capturing the scene as it must have felt for many, this sketch alone says more than many images of 1944 Normandy that I have ever seen.  Yet Lundy also provided more humorous sketches as well, as profiled in this image below:

All in all, the profile we see of Lundy is a great artist, capturing well an aspect of World War II that brings it to life and removes the patina that history puts on events from long ago.

This is just a sample of some of his great sketches available online, available via the Library of Congress.  In the links below, please find more information and history.  If you get a chance, check it out.  Good stuff!

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1.  Tank image aboe, courtesy LOC, link here:

2.  Pencil sketches above (image 1 and 2 ) courtesy LOC also, link here:

General biographical information found here:  Sarasota School of Architecture

Veteran’s History Project (Interview with Lundy):

The Sarasota School of Architecture , 1941-1966 (Google Books)




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