Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Posted by on November 4, 2011


Spent some time recently working on a freelance article about Hollywood and I ran across a site that I hadn’t visited in a long time:  The LOC Motion Picture & Television Reading Room.


If you’ve never had a chance to visit the site, you really should!  You can easily find it online at and it’s got lots of great topics and information on things such as Vaudville, the Earthquake and Fire in San Francisco, and others.  If you’re looking for some primary source materials like I am, then make sure to check it out.  I’ll leave you with one more photo from the collection.  It’s from the Pan-American Exposition.



If you have a few minutes, hit the site and look around—it’s time well spent!


By the way, I’m looking to start working on the blog here in the near future.  I’ve got a new book of the month in the chute for review and I’ll start looking into updating some of the other features of the site as I get time.  Make sure to check our tag cloud for some great older stuff that you might have missed.

Talk to you soon!

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