Going, going, not quite gone! The BEST of Adventures In History!

Posted by on November 12, 2011



As I’ve had a chance to start updating the blog again, I realize there’s probably quite a few of you who may not be aware that I’ve been doing this for some time and there’s a lot of good posts you may have missed!  To help you out, I’ve outlined some of my favorites below.  Have fun, give them a try!  I’ll be back soon with new posts!



Gunning it!  Hot Rods Rule!

Nostalgia and American Graffiti still are important to us, and so with this post, we’ll take a walk back to the Mad-Men era and before.   A great “snap-shot” of this awesome era!



The Watcher, the Launch and the Horsecollar Grill:  1958 Walk-thru!

With my recent awareness of “Mad-Men” I’ve been looking through some of my older posts and came across this one.  It’s a great introduction to 1958 and lots of interesting links.  Give it a try!

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