A Man To Remember: Walter Lord

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(Source: LOC Chronicling America)

While many of us are quite familiar with the tale of the “unsinkable” Titanic, you might not be as aware of some of the historians who have helped over the years to make that story more accessible and more understandable.  Sometimes it’s the historians which go quietly into the unknown.  One of these we know as Walter Lord.

Historian and profiler of a great many stories, his works include:

The Dawn’s Early Light

Day of Infamy

A Night To Remember

Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons



(Source: Archive.org)

One of the titles that I’m most aware of by Walter Lord is Incredible Victory, about the nerve-wracking tale of that now famous Pacific battle.

Yet Walter Lord himself had an incredible life, at least from the resources I’ve been able to dig up.  A member of the OSS during World War II, he also consulted with James Cameron on the movie Titanic, according to the Wikipedia entry about him.  For more information, you can also find information about him here, at the Baltimore Literary Heritage Project.

So next time you think about history, think about some of the historians behind your favorite tale!


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