Eagles All!

Posted by on January 26, 2011

In the dark days of 1939 and 1940, while America grappled with the internal division of the isolationists vs. those who knew that war was fast approaching, there was a group of young pilots itching to get into the fight!  Knowing that fighting for the Allies before the entry of America into the war was illegal, it’s amazing that so many American pilots did this.

Some of the pilots are named and talked about in Alex Kershaw’s work, The Few.  I’ve enjoyed listening to it on CD and it’s full of information!  One of the pilots we meet is Andrew Mamedoff, mentioned here in an alumni link:

Fighting against overwhelming odds and very often with limited knowledge, these pilots exhibited skills and bravery beyond their years.  Some of these and other pilots were profiled in a great LIFE magazine article that you can find on Google Books (see image below).

If you get a minute, take a look at this facinating story.  Learning about this is really good as I think it’s an aspect of the war forgotten and left in the shadows of some of the bigger conflicts such as D-Day, Pearl Harbor, and others.

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