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Posted by on November 27, 2010

Well, with Thanksgiving now over, the Christmas season is in full swing!  Visiting my local big-box store, I was swamped with shoppers and products and Christmas music beating full-force upon my ears.  Somehow it all seems to soon.  However, maybe it’s just my slowness in getting into the Christmas spirit.  Whatever the case may be, the facts remain that you and your family will more than likely be exchanging gifts this season.  Gifts that you have bought in person or perhaps even online–and that’s fine.  However, if you’re handy with tools or have a workshop, then don’t overlook some easy projects that you can get lots of information on for free from Google Books.

(Popular Mechanics, Google Books)

Spending some time looking through the magazine resources on Google Books, the amount of family projects available through resources such as Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and others is truly amazing.  You can revisit almost any era or timeframe, from the late 1800’s up through modern times and get a huge amount of vintage or new projects or plans.  In the above picture, we see options to create a simple wooden barking dog, while in the selection below, we can go and build hotpads, salt shakers and much more.

(Popular Mechanics, Google Books)

Probably one of the most exciting projects I’ve found in all of these is the wooden Christmas tree!  Knowing that real trees shed like crazy, and the fake trees so prevalent today are very often crazy expensive, this wooden Christmas tree just might be the thing for me this Christmas!

(Popular Mechanics, Google Books)

The upshot here is that if you’re handy with tools or woodworking, then take some time to look through Google books and the other online eBook sites, and create something from the past (or even the not-so-distant past).  There are lots of projects just waiting to be rediscovered and reused into neat gifts that no big-box store could ever duplicate!  I’ve assembled some links below to get you started on your own projects!  Have fun!


Novelty Christmas Gifts (Popular Mechanics via Google Books)

Six-Wheel Toy Dump Truck (Popular Mechanics via Google Books)

Toy Dollhouse Furniture and more! (Popular Science via Google Books)


All of these screenshots come courtesy Google Books and Popular Mechanics and are for illustration only.  No copyright is claimed for these in any way.  For re-use of these images, you should see Popular Mechanics for permission.

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