Historical Resources: An Update!

Posted by on November 14, 2010

Wow, it’s November already!  For those of you who might have thought my blog was gone, fear not!  It’s still here and I’ve got lots of interesting history stuff to write up.  What I don’t have, it seems is time!  Yikes!  I’ll try to update the book of the month, in which I will be reviewing Bernard Cornwell’s The Fort, as well as the movie of the month.  As you can see, I’ve already updated the Image of the Month (If you haven’t, take a look—it’s good!)

Well, while I’m still assembling the topics that I want to mention on the blog in the upcoming months, I thought it would be a good idea to mention (re-mention?) some eBook resources that would come in handy for facts, general knowledge and just plain history!


(Source: Google Books)

While Google Books has enjoyed press popularity in the last year or so, the facts remain that this site is one of the best at maintaining historical resources.   While the image above is of LIFE magazine from Google Books, there are many other resources ranging from Popular Science and Popular Mechanics to government publications, war manuals and lots of fiction.  Easy to search and easy to use, don’t overlook this site when starting your research.


(Source: Hathi Trust)

As a counterpoint to Google Books, don’t overlook the equally powerful Hathi Trust.  More of an academic environment, nevertheless, you will find millions of scholarly and NON-scholarly resources at this site.  Many of the Google books that have been scanned and are not showable in Google Books can actually be found here.  One of my favorites includes:  Feeding In Flight (from 1945).  Although not a best-seller, it’s great for historical research!

There’s also a host of other smaller informational sites such as Chronicling America and the Google News Timeline.  Have you had a chance yet to visit the Open Library?  This is an exciting application of cataloging and indexing some of the millions of resources available at Archive.org, which you might know more for the Wayback Machine.

In any event, for my new readers, a welcome!  For my regular readers–I’m back!

Talk to you soon!


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