Let’s watch TV!

Posted by on August 4, 2010

I was working today, doing some writing and saw the post from Dan Cohen about the Duke Universities vintage television commercial archive. Checking it out, it’s amazing what one can watch!  Here’s a few screenshots from vintage AMC and American Express commercials:

Here’s the one from American Express:

In looking at some of these, it’s amazing both to look at the products as well as think that everyday common occurences such as advertising are so fun to watch today.  Will our kids and grandkids think the same about today’s ads?

I’ve got the links to the archive below as well as some additional links from television shows available on the Internet Archive.  Have fun–and pass me the popcorn!

Talk to you later!


Duke University Advertising Archive

Internet Archive (vintage television shows & movies)


Both the Rambler and American Express advertisement screenshots are from the larger television commercials available  at the Duke University site available here.

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