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Posted by on October 15, 2009


Hi everyone!

Well another cold, wet fall day.  Kids are sick, so thought I would post up to the blog this am.  In particular, I wanted to talk about PEOPLE.  You know, the magazine? 




While many historians might dismiss the value of the magazine, from a everyday historical perspective we can gain insight into our daily lives as well as the popular culture.  That is, what was popular through the shows, the ads and just general stories. 




With this in mind, I wanted to profile the incredible resource that PEOPLE magazine has made available to everyone online.  Basically, they’ve digitized the whole magazine and even made it where you can download individual issues in PDF format.  Maybe it’s the librarian part of me, but this is huge!

Take a look, for example, at this:



The archive is searchable via a variety of ways, ranging from covers, to topics to articles.  If you are any student of history or even just interested in how we used to view popular culture, this site is worth a shot!

Hit the link below for more details!

Have a great weekend!

PEOPLE Archive Link:  Here!



PEOPLE Archive

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