The War is ON!

Posted by on June 20, 2009

Hello everyone!

It’s been a crazy month for me with many family duties to attend to, so I apologize for not posting up very many new topics on our Korean War series.  However, in doing research lately, I would want to share with you some neat things I just found out on the Google Book Search.  These changes are especially neat when looking at the back issues of Popular Mechanics.  For example, there’s the thumbnail view now available:


(Source: Google Books)

They’ve also added some new controls to make reading even easier:


(Source: Google Books)

So why are all these technical changes important for my history blog?  Easy!  When learning about history…in this case, the Korean War, what better way to learn than by examining the magazines and media of the time.  In this case, we see a great article from the pages of Popular Mechanics:


So take a few minutes and stroll on over to the Google Book Search.  If you want to try research on our topic of the Korean War, remember to have it search full view and set your years to 1950-1953.  Well, talk to you later!  I will be updating later with some more information on our current series!

Have a good weekend!

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