Acting Up…Again!

Posted by on June 2, 2009


Hello everyone, including our new subscribers!  Life, as usual, has been crazy lately and I have not been able to post up as I should…please forgive me! 

We had a reader enjoy our last post on presidential planes, especially the Connie shots (link to that post is here), and forwarded to me links to some more information on the Constellation.  Here is that link:

What a beautiful aircraft…and such a big change from today’s seemingly generic airliners!  Thank you reader for forwarding that link!


Since we had mentioned the Cold War in the last post, I wanted to bring up a new post on the Korean War in the early Fifties.  It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about it (CAS and old post here), and in light of the recent developments, I thought it would be informative to go back and revisit the time, era and some specifics from the war.  While I’m doing research on that, I’ve found some great shots from NARA that you might enjoy.  Take a look at these and I’ll be back soon with the story and lots more links!

Have a great day!












Source Links (1-5), Courtesy NARA

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