Let’s Go Flying!

Posted by on May 21, 2009

Hi all!

We had a real good visit to the WPAFB the other day and I actually got to tour a part of the museum that I had never seen before:  The presidential aircraft section.

Currently, it’s pretty tough to get admittance to this particular part of the museum as it’s located in a secure area of the base.  If you can go, however, it’s definitely worth the time.

What follows are some pictures and links to help illustrate some of the neat thing one can find there.

Talk to you soon!  I’ve found a great site on the Cold War that I’m still investigating.  If you want to check it out, it is worth a visit.  You can find that here:

Cold War International History Project


Douglas VC-54C

FDR: Sacred Cow (1)


Truman: Sacred Cow (2)


Columbine III (3)

Some interesting things about Columbine III is that is the same as the Constellation airliner, which some elements of the design were based on the P-38.  Some particular designs also included:

  • Over 300 mph top speed
  • “held records for the longest duration non-stop passenger flight…”

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Sacred Cow

Columbine III

Wikipedia: Constellation



(2) NARA


(4) Wikipedia: Constellation page

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