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Posted by on March 7, 2009


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Hello Dear Readers,

Just wanted to touch base to apologize for the lack of updates recently. While I’m certainly excited about our series from 1958 and 1959, family activities and sickness as well as outside duties have kept me super busy.

With that said, thank you for stopping by and remaining loyal subscribers to the blog. There are many to choose from and I appreciate the fact that you still stop by to read my stories and facts about America and her history.

Because of all that is going on in the real world right now, I can’t update this morning with our new series, but would like to remind you of some previous posts that you might have missed the first time or would enjoy reading again.

Stay tuned and we will try to update with our new series very soon.  I will also try to update the monthly picture down on the right as well….





Astronauts, Tuffy and Sealab


$29,000, Bobby Darin and Disneyland:  The Strange, Sad Saga of Freedomland.


Tries, Spies, and Lies:  Washed up into Operation Mincemeat

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