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Posted by on January 19, 2009

Hello everyone,

Well it’s deadline week here at my business, so I probably will not be publishing much, however, I wanted to share with you a link that you may or may not be aware of! The LOC (Library of Congress) has a great Flickr stream with absolutely tons of great historical photos. Here’s an example:

Source: LOC Flickr Stream


One of the neatest things about this is the ability that users have to help “label” some of these images on Flickr.  Here’s a screenshot outlining some of that:

Source: Flickr Screenshot with Details


For more details, try the links below and here is a link to a great NY Times article to give you some more background.

Have a great day!


LOC PhotoPool on FLICKR

LOC Prints & Photographs Reading Room


(1)LOC PhotoPool on FLICKR

(2)LOC PhotoPool on FLICKR

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