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Posted by on December 28, 2008

Dear Readers,

Thanks for being patient with me over this Christmas holiday.  My posting, quite frankly, has been pretty slow and I thank you for staying with me!  For some reason the holidays this year just make a train wreck of my schedule.



Anyway….back to the Lusitania!


The upshot here is that basically the controversy over the Lusitania changed World War I for a lot of reasons, including perception of Germany, Britain’s honesty,  and America ideas on just exactly where she fit into the whole process.  Sunk by a U-boat in the early part of 1915, Germany claimed the ship was a valid target, declaring that arms and ammunition were being carried as well as passengers.  The British claimed otherwise, stating:

“…SAYS LUSITANIA CARRIED NO GUNS; Cunard Agent Reiterates His Denial That the Big Liner Was Armed. HAD NO SHELLS EITHER Nor Did She Ever, He Asserts, Carry Ammunition, Except Safety Cartridges, in Hold…”(2)

Casualties of the sinking


I saw the following post on about the ammunition they just found on the wreck of the ship:

“…Further research needs to be conducted, but if the discovered ammunition was found in an area where cargo was not known to be stored on board, it strongly supports the argument that the Lusitania was functioning as more than a passenger liner,” says Fionnbar Moore, senior archaeologist with the Underwater Archaeology Unit of the Irish Department of Environment, which monitored the dive….” (4)



What follows are a list of resources and information on the sinking as well as the controversy behind it.  It’s worth taking a look at if you have a few moments!

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The Sinking of the Lusitania (Internet Archive short film)

Lusitania’s Secret Cargo

NYTimes Article on Lusitania’s Innocence (via Google Newspaper Archive)

Lusitania: Wikipedia


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