Wrap Up! Where are We Going…and Where have We Been?

Posted by on October 7, 2008


Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers,

We’ve talked about the Great Depression now for a few posts.  We’ve seen some causes, some effects, as well as some personal information from people much like you and me.

So what does this mean?  Does it mean anything?  What’s been our purpose?

Well, I’m no professional historian, but in looking back, we can also look forward to today, to our world.  Many times the reactions we have to the current climate are nothing new.  We fear the market today, our retirement, our job, our way forward.  So did the average Joe in the Thirties.

So by establishing their reactions, we can use the study of the times to help determine our actions, that is, what can we do different than them or also, what did they do that we could (or should) do.


Let’s look at it from a bigger viewpoint.  It’s well known that during the Depression, many folks tried to maintain the illusion that everything was fine.  Men (and women) left for work every morning, seeing their neighbors and acting as if nothing was wrong.  This flying in the face that many of them were actually going nowhere, with no job prospects in any way.  So in today’s world, knowing what they did, should we do the same thing?  Or should we strive to be more open with our neighbors, to not repeat the same things that were done during those times?

Let’s take also today’s standard of living.  We have it pretty easy.  Our ideas of what is necessary is very often more, much more than what existed in the Thirties.  They made it with less, and made do….and you know what, so can we.  By learning or relearning basic facts from the era, we can apply that to today’s world as well. When the market goes down, and life is tough, you don’t need all that we have.  Life comes down to essentials…to the true things in life.  For a history blog, I’m starting to sound philosophical…yikes….


I’ll leave this topic with a list of sites and titles in which you can do some more research for yourself.  Often, at least to me, that’s the best way to learn.

The Politics of Upheaval (Google Books)

University of Virginia Timeline (1930’s)

American Life Histories

Great Depression Photos

Built In America (Historic Places)

New Deal network (links)

Michigan History (Depression history with links)

Studs Terkel interviews (Great Depression)

PBS Depression Series

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library


Thanks for stopping by and I’m looking forward to some great new topics in the weeks to come.  If you like this blog, let me know.  Drop a comment, tell a friend, email me.  If you don’t like the blog, be fair, tell me what it is you don’t like.  What you would like to see more of…what you don’t want to see more of.  I can rant all day in this blog, but I want it to be useful in some way, some presentation of facts or history that you enjoy and like to learn about.

I won’t put up the podcast today, only because there isn’t much new to say and that I’m working on putting the podcasts on a separate page to the right, near the puzzles section.  However, I will be updating it very soon.

Have a great day!


(1-3) Nara

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