Pass The Hammer Joe, Willya?

Posted by on October 13, 2008

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers!

Just wanted to let you know that this week, I’ll be working on the blog, adding some content, new pages, etc.  I’ll also be working on the new blog over at blogger–>

I’ll also be adding some new puzzles to the puzzle pages and in general trying to tidy things up a bit.  One of the new things I just did was to add the Lightbox to the blog.  This add-on, which is real similar to the Picasa 3 photo viewer function, will make the photos I post much clearer, I think, and neater!  To show you what this is, I’ve got some photos below.  Click on each one to see the effect.

Try this one:

Nasa Dryden With Planes

And now this one:

Finally, this one:

In any event, stay tuned for more updates and hopefully a podcast this week!  All of these photos are sources either NASA or LOC Prints & Photographs Division.  Here are the links to the sites if you want to see what you can find for your favorite subject:

NASA Dryden Research Center

LOC Prints & Photographs Division

Have a great day!

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