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Posted by on October 2, 2008

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As you know we are in the midst of doing a series on the Great Depression: analyzing links, resources, and generally becoming familiar with some aspects of that history that may have been forgotten.  While that is a good thing, it can be a bit of a downer as well. So today, we are going to take the day off and travel over to the Internet Archive as well as some other great sites, talking about music, drive-ins, and other neat things!  Go grab your coat, car keys and let’s go!



The Drive-In and the Fifties and Sixties!  A classic piece of Americana.  I was at the library today and ran across the movie American Graffiti.  What a film!  It has to be one of my all time favorites!  Seeing the film again makes me look back to the late Fifties and early Sixties.  Gas was cheap, cars were big and America was on top of the world.  Drive-In popularity was soaring!  Over at the Internet Archive, there is a great set of Drive-In advertisements like this:


Great stuff!  Now, naturally, what goes with this?  Music of course and as we all know, Rock-n-Roll was changing the game at this time!  Music was already starting to turn strange to your parent’s ears and their sense of America.  Big bands were out, Elvis was in.  The Beatles were on the way!


One of the best ways to experience this is by going back and listening to the radio broadcasts of the era.  Sure, the individual music takes you back, but to really understand things, radio (and the drive-time shows), will help you round out the impact that this music had on the era.  Try these few links for a waaaay back trip:

“Rockin’ Bird-Joe Niagara

Sun Recording Studio (Birthplace of Rock!)

If you like those links, remember to try the links at the bottom for more information on obtaining “air checks” of radio personalities.  Included in these demos and recordings are classic commercials and the wonderful “jingles” that are the cornerstone of radio.

Now it’s just a few short years later.  Kennedy has passed and the rumblings of the American upheaveal have started to become noticable.  Vietnam is starting to show up more and more in daily newspapers across the land.  Did music have an impact here?  Well, do you remember Robin Williams and the film Good Morning Vietnam? That was all based on a real person and show broadcast by the AFVN (American Forces Vietnam Network).  Try this link for shows, information, and audio.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a classic Chevrolet ad.  It’s a publicity film for Chevrolet and is a good film, helping us to stay on our time trip just a bit longer:


Try the links below for some more wonderful sites and sounds!  I hope this has been a great post for you!  Remember the podcast below and stay tuned as next time we return to the Depression.

Have a great day!


The American Drive-In Movie Theater (Google Books Link)

Internet Archive: Drive-In Movie Ads

WABC Airchecks

WAKY Airchecks

The Real Don Steele

PAMS Jingles

American Forces Vietnam Network

AFVN-Project Jenny and the Blue Eagles

American Harvest (Part II)

Sun Studio (Wikipedia)

Alan Freed (my blog post)



(2) Internet Archive-Drive Ins!


(4) Internet Archive-American Harvest Series

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